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"There are multiple pathways to long-term recovery and all are a cause for celebration." William L. White

Find the support you're looking for by exploring the many pathways to recovery mutual aid that North Central Indiana currently has to offer.   

If the secular, spiritual, or religious pathway you are seeking is not currently offered in this area and you would like assistance in getting a group or meeting started - please contact us.  We want to help you 'create the fellowship you crave.' 

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12 Step Recovery Programs

Faith Based Recovery Programs

Secular & Alternative   Recovery Pathways


To see that all people in or seeking recovery from severe alcohol and other drug and/or mental health issues have a safe space to share in a recovery mutual aid meeting.  Medication Assisted Recovery, 12 Step Recovery, Faith-Based and Secular Recovery, all are welcome.


Recovery Meditation Group



North Central Indiana NEEDS

Secular Recovery

If you want to help start a 'secular program' we want to hear from you 

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