Peer-Based Recovery Supports

How can we help you with your recovery today?

A Peer-Based Recovery Support (PBRS) such as a Recovery Coach (CAPRC) or Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) is an individual with lived experience who serves to provide both hope and options in the recovery initiation process for those experiencing severe alcohol and other drug and/or mental health issues.  
A Peer serves as a companion and mentor in the early stages of recovery by assisting the recoveree in removing barriers, connecting to, building Recovery Capital, and navigating the formal support landscape of a community.
Peers continue to support individuals in efforts to identify and connect with local recovery mutual aid societies, as well as other supportive indigenous communities in an effort to facilitate a self-directed shift from formal to informal supports and relationships.
A PBRS is an individual who has developed a deep knowledge of the recovery landscape in his or her service area and develops relationships within that system which allow them to advocate for the recoveree in a highly effective, positive manner that is conducive to increasing Recovery Capital.