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Are You Looking To Get Involved and  Make A Difference?

Advocate, Volunteer, Organize

We need your help!  It takes a village! 

  • Advocate

  • Explore and apply for grants

  • Organize community events

  • Facilitate meetings and groups

  • Link individuals and families in need of resources

  • Administrative support

  • Transportation and childcare

  • Financial support​

Put Your Passion To Action

Recovery  Community  Projects

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Recovery Community Art Project

Project Purple's Mission Statement

It is Project Purple’s mission to unite people in long-term recovery, their families, city officials, each of who may attend the independently operated recovery related events  but will now find them to come together periodically to exhibit a oneness with the now separately functioning recovery community groups, and to create a unified front with tools we will provide to ensure a victory when faced with the battles that accompany substance abuse and even from clean time experiences.  From the devastating effects of alcohol and drug disorders, their families will again find themselves acting as one with those they love, lifting a voice for recovery and promoting advocacy for those in need, regardless of what group you choose to be a member of in Lafayette. 

Vision Statement
Project Purple Vision
 Our vision is to bring people in long-term recovery from the vice-like grips of alcohol and other drug disorders, as well as to unite their families together around them through the outlet of using community art projects.  While we both recognize and celebrate the fact that there are multiple pathways to long-term recovery; it is in our vision that our purpose to create a unified recovery community can result in a powerful force against these diseases. Through these endeavors, we hope that by providing advocacy for our clients that their newly acquired choices and voices when empowered by our efforts which will prove to be effective and result in meeting the following areas of great need within the Greater Lafayette communities:
Gaining needed resources through our volunteer guidance and advising.
Embracing all pathways to recovery, realizing that each recovery community in our area should function as a whole as opposed to segregated operations.
Reminding local providers that the development of systems and strategies, and becoming educated and aware of those developments alongside clients should always include the voices of those whom they serve.
End discrimination and the placement of stigmas, from drug and alcohol use, on those who are reaching out for help through treatment facilities, churches, meetings and make them feel support, hopeful, resourceful, and with purpose.


To get involved, discuss a possible future project, or support us please contact us via our Facebook Page @ProjectPurpleMPR. 

Get Connected

Networks, Coalitions, and Task Forces


Tippecanoe Resilience & Recovery Network

Community Collaboration That's Making A Difference

This is a shining example of much of an impact a well lead, collaborative network can make an impact.

The Full Tippecanoe Resilience and Recovery Network (TRRN) is now meeting in small groups and carrying out projects using the 'Strategic Doing' model. 


To be notified of the time and location of committee meetings please email Amy O'Shea, Director of Community Impact, United Way of Greater Lafayette.


About the Drug-Free Coalition of Tippecanoe County


Our Mission Statement:

The Drug-Free Coalition of Tippecanoe County brings together a cross-section of the community in a countywide effort to reduce youth and adult use and the negative impact of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) through multiple strategies across multiple sectors.


North Central Indiana Peer Support Network

This is a great example of the kind of service my clients have come to expect from Recovery Matters. Nothing matters more than my clients, and when they hire me for the second, or third (or tenth) time, I know I’m doing something right. When people know they can rely on my professional service, that’s when great things start happening.

Other Networks & Coaltions

Follow the links for more info

Community Health Improvement Plan


Homeless Prevention & Intervention Network


Mental Health Collaborative Network